The Hanois Lighthouse rises from a reef on the south west side of the island of Guernsey and takes its name from the group of rocks, Les Hanois.

The lighthouse marks the western end of the Channel Islands indicating the shoals and reefs to the west of Guernsey. It provides a position of fix for vessels entering the channel traffic separation scheme.

Hanois Management Limited was incorporated in Guernsey in August 2008.

An independent privately owned Company, Hanois provides fiduciary services to corporate and high net worth individuals. Created as a spin-off by a blue chip group fiduciary company present in Guernsey for over 25 years, Hanois offers over 30 years combined experience to its clients.

The privileged, professional relationships our team has established over 25 years gives us access, especially in Europe, to excellent banks, lawyers, tax professionals and accountants allowing us, at both a personal and corporate level, to commit to a reputation for excellence.

Hanois' full fiduciary licence was granted in August 2008. The Company is accordingly authorised to conduct activities which include the provision of all services associated with the formation, management and administration of companies and partnerships. Advice is also provided in relation to the establishment of companies in Guernsey and other international financial centres.

To ensure that the highest standards of due diligence are maintained, Hanois has out-sourced the compliance function to a specialist provider.

Hanois Lighthouse
Hanois Lighthouse - click to see it's location
Photograph by Bev Foulds