Maritime Employment Services

Preparation and issue of employment contracts and responsibility, accordingly, for all salary, expenses, tax, National Insurance and pension payments in respect of such employees and all other personnel functions.

Provision of temporary staff as Crew, where there is temporary unavailability of company employees, and responsibility for ensuring that such staff have all necessary documentation to work as Crew.

Ensuring that all necessary statutory and other training, as requested by ship–owner, takes place in a timely manner.

Compilation and issuance of Procedures Manuals so that all Crew have access to them (on board ship or elsewhere) relating to such matters as conduct, health and safety and such other matters as shall be considered appropriate by the ship-owner. These may be updated from time to time, ensuring that the Crew shall be subject to a legal obligation to comply with such manuals at all times and monitoring and enforcing the undertaking of disciplinary action under the terms of the Crew’s contract of employment.